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Zachary Richard, Ann Savoy, Terrance Simien, Yvette Landry and Steve Riley are just a few of the two dozen gifted artists featured on “Je M’Endors: Cajun and Créole Lullabies,” a stunning collection of a dozen new recordings of original and traditional music for families released by Louisiana Folk Roots.

CD copies of the project, which was supported by a grant from the Lafayette General Foundation, were given to the next 1,000 babies born at Lafayette General Medical Center. “We have a tradition of playing a lullaby over the speakers in the hospital when a new baby comes into the world,” said Geoff Daily, Executive Director of Lafayette General Foundation. “This project expands and amplifies the meaning of that gesture. This album is full of incredible regional music that will resonate with families everywhere.”

The album showcases the talents of artists with nine Grammy awards between them, and it marks the first official release of new songs by David Greely, Marce Lacouture, Yvette Landry, and Ann Savoy and Jane Vidrine. The collection also includes a beautiful new solo piano and vocal performance by Zachary Richard, who revisited his iconic trilingual late-1970s composition “La Berceuse Créole (Créole Lullaby)” for the project.

The individual tracks are all very personal, and range from Steve Riley, Richard Comeaux & Yvette Landry’s intimate, swamp-pop-tinged version of “Brahms’ Lullaby” to Curley Taylor & Dione Mayfield’s swaying soul take on “Crabe Dans Callaloo,” a cradle song first recorded in the field by noted folklorist Alan Lomax during his travels in Haiti and Louisiana in the 1930s.

An elegant reading of “La Caille Et La Perdrix” by Kristi Guillory, Danny Devillier and Anya Burgess adds vibraphone and toy piano to the popular and fanciful folksong found in Quebec and Brittany which tells a tale of the marriage of two birds.

Acclaimed producer and engineer Tony Daigle co-produced the record with Louisiana Folk Roots Executive Director Todd Mouton at Daigle’s Electric Comoland Studios in Lafayette, with additional recording at La Louisianne Studios. “Every day we had a different group of musicians come in to perform songs outside their normal repertoire,” Daigle said. “That made for some really special, fun and different-sounding recordings, and I think people will really respond to these intimate performances.” Grammy-nominated graphic designer Megan Barra created the album package, which includes song notes and transcriptions of the album’s French lyrics.

David Doucet and Mitch Reed of BeauSoleil, along with special guest Jimmy Breaux on accordion and drums, lead an all-star version of the title track featuring vocals from Doucet, Simien, Guillory and Megan Brown. The song’s title translates as “I’m sleepy,” and Ann Savoy and Jane Vidrine also contributed a unique version of “Je M’Endors,” featuring cellist Caleb Elliott, to the project.

The collection opens with “Dors Dors,” a lullaby with Acadian roots performed by Megan Brown and Daniel Gale, and the 14-track album closes with a couple of instrumental versions of songs tracked during the 11 days of recording.

In all, “Je M’Endors: Cajun and Creole Lullabies” showcases a wide range of material offered with love to the babies of the world and their families.

Here’s the track listing:

“Dors Dors” – Megan Brown & Daniel Gale
“Fais Do Do” – Yvette Landry & Richard Comeaux
“J’Vas Voler Comme Un Oiseau” – Terrance Simien & Marcella Simien
“Bridge Street Lullaby/Lac Martin” – David Greely, Joel Savoy & Sam Broussard
“Petits Sans Mamans” – Ann Savoy, Jane Vidrine & Caleb Elliott
“La Berceuse Créole” – Zachary Richard
“Brahms’ Lullaby” – Steve Riley, Richard Comeaux & Yvette Landry
“Je M’Endors” – Ann Savoy, Jane Vidrine & Caleb Elliott
“Crabe Dans Callaloo” – Curley Taylor & Dione Mayfield
“Toute De La Vie” – Marce Lacouture
“La Caille Et La Perdrix” – Kristi Guillory, Danny Devillier & Anya Burgess
“Je M’Endors” – David Doucet, Jimmy Breaux, Mitch Reed, Terrance Simien, Kristi Guillory & Megan Brown
“Petits Sans Mamans” (Instrumental) – Ann Savoy, Jane Vidrine & Caleb Elliott
“La Berceuse Créole” (Instrumental) – Zachary Richard